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External Meetings, Courses & Events

19.06. 2013 - 05.07.2013  

The SUMMIT partner University of Pisa organizes the Summer school "Advances in Cardiovascular Medicine".

The objective is to provide an up-to-date intensive course on “hot topics” in cardiovascular medicine, covering Epidemiology, Risk assessment and Prevention, Major clinical problems, Imaging, Therapy, Lifestyle and Cardiovascular System, Cardiovascular adaptation to extreme conditions.


Click for the announcement and programme.

14.09. 2013 

Lund University Diabetes Centre will be hosting “Innovation in Diabetes: European Action Summit 2013 (IDEA Summit)!


The one day meeting to be held in Lund, Sweden on September 18th, 2013 aims at “stimulating academia-industry interactions and identify initiatives that can accelerate the innovation in the diabetes area.”


Click for the announcement and programme.


To DISCOVER, DEVELOP and QUALIFY potential MARKERS that empower:

  • the identification of patients at high risk of diabetes complications

  • the monitoring of the complications' progression and patients‘ response to therapy 

To use the discovered markers as SURROGATE ENDPOINTS in clinical trials.

Thereby, SHORTEN the long lasting CLINICAL TRIALS to bring about EARLIER availability of NEW THERAPY to diabetic patients.

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