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Genetic markers for diabetes complications

  • Integrating genome-wide association (GWA) data provided by partners and collaborators with SUMMIT-funded GWA studies in new samples from patients diagnosed for diabetes complications (ensuring maximal overlap with efforts in other WPs). ​Using high-throughput sequencing tecnhologies, SUMMIT completed the largest ever GWAS and generated nearly all the data for the first-ever exome sequencing study. 


  • E​stablishing a robust pipeline for handling the data generated by these projects and for ensuring timely and effective analysis. The combined efforts of WP1 participants are expected to contribute to the discovery of genetic markers that enable to assess the risks of diabetes complications and lead to the development of new therapeutic solutions. 

Work Package 1 (WP1)

      WP1 aims at:


  • Identifying novel genetic markers that predict susceptibility to chronic diabetic complications.



To DISCOVER, DEVELOP and QUALIFY potential MARKERS that empower:

  • the identification of patients at high risk of diabetes complications

  • the monitoring of the complications' progression and patients‘ response to therapy 

To use the discovered markers as SURROGATE ENDPOINTS in clinical trials.

Thereby, SHORTEN the long lasting CLINICAL TRIALS to bring about EARLIER availability of NEW THERAPY to diabetic patients.

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