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Non-genetic biomarkers for diabetes complications

    WP2 aims at:


  • Discovering new biomarkers by characterising the metabolome, lipidome and proteome of serum/ plasma and urine samples from diabetic patients with and without complications.


  • Identify new potential biomarkers in pathways already established as involved in diabetic complications that have been the subject of investigation by participating institutions including immune processes, platelet activation, and protein glycation.

  • Providing data to bioinformatic platform (WP5) for multivariate predictive modelling and dynamic modelling of these markers.

  • Taking forward the newly identified biomarkers and the ones obtained from data mining, first to confirm their association with disease and then to evaluate them in prospective cohorts and clinical trials.

Work Package 2 (WP2)


To DISCOVER, DEVELOP and QUALIFY potential MARKERS that empower:

  • the identification of patients at high risk of diabetes complications

  • the monitoring of the complications' progression and patients‘ response to therapy 

To use the discovered markers as SURROGATE ENDPOINTS in clinical trials.

Thereby, SHORTEN the long lasting CLINICAL TRIALS to bring about EARLIER availability of NEW THERAPY to diabetic patients.

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